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Cumbria county council sickness levels more than double national average

Staff sickness levels at Cumbria County Council are more than twice the national average and or some departments it is nearly four times as high. According to some reports this is costing the tax payer nearly £5m a year.

Nationally the average number of days an employee has off sick is 6.5 days at Cumbria County Council that figure is 15.1 days, in adult services that rises to an average of 21.4 days off sick per employee.

Our reporter Marti Errington-Dodds spoke to Jim Savege, the Corporate Director for Organisational Development at the County Council, she started by asking him what his response was to the findings.

In adult services the statistics are nearly four times the national average Mr Savege said much of this was because of the nature of the job. He explained what the council are going to do to address the problem.

The taxpayers are ultimately footing the bill and Mr Savege was keen to reassure people that the council are doing their best to address the problems and get the levels of sickness down,