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Torch relay: Road closures

Road closures are in place in the Scottish Borders for the Olympic torch relay to go through.

There'll be a rolling road closure to make way for the relay.

The torch will reach Peebles just before 11.30 and will then travel along the A72 towards Innerleithan.

After that it will go along the A707 to Selkirk (arriving around 12.37) and up the A7 to Galashiels (arriving around 13.16).

Within Galashiels there'll be road closures and restrictions on parking, residents have been advised to move their car within certain hours.

From Galashiels it will travel to Earlston (arriving around 14.29) and from there along the A6105 to Gordon and continue on the A6105 to Greenlaw.

It will then continue along the A6105 to Duns and Foulden (arriving around 16.21) and continue on that road to Berwick.

Scottish Borders Council has given this advice:

Road safety

In order to allow the Olympic Torch convoy to travel through the Borders and keep to its tightly timed schedule, a temporary rolling road closure will be in place in the communities where Torchbearers will be carrying the Olympic Flame.As part of the traffic management around the rolling road closure, there will also be very strictly enforced parking restrictions on the route, and on identified 'emergency routes' off the main route.Travelling adviceAnyone travelling should be aware that temporary road closures will be in place well in advance of the torch.

Roads the torch will be travelling through will be closed approximately half an hour before the times stated below, and for approximately half an hour after the convoy has passed by.

It is difficult to give exact timings as there may be slight deviations from these times depending on the progress of the convoy.

Town/Village and times

Eddleston 11:11

Selkirk 12:34

Greenlaw 15:07

Peebles 11:22

Galashiels 13:16

Duns 15:29

Innerleithen 11:53

Earlston 14:29

Chirnside 16:00

Walkerburn 12:04

Gordon 14:53

Foulden 16:21

Journey delays

Disruption to traffic will be kept to a minimum but members of the public are advised to be aware that there will be delays along the Torch route on 14 June. Travellers are advised to avoid the route for non-essential travel where possible. Arrangements are in place to allow the passage of any emergency vehicles such as ambulances.

Parking restrictionsIf you live on the route or diversion route please remember to move your car:

Between the hours of 8am and 3pm if you are west of GalashielsBetween the hours of 11am and 5pm if you are east of Galashiels on the convoy route.

Any vehicle parked inappropriately will be removed by Lothian and Borders Police as it will be breaching the official temporary road closure in place throughout the route.