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Torch bearers speak ahead of the relay

More than 100 people are making their final preparations to carry the Olympic flame, with it due in the county at 4pm tomorrow.

One of the most poignant stories is that of Dr Tim Sowton, a doctor who treated one of Derrick Bird's victims, and who will carry the torch into Cockermouth. He was nominated by his wife on the first anniversary of the West Cumbrian shootings.

Dr Tim Sowton, who attended to one of Derrick Bird's victims and who carry the Olympic flame, said he will do it with the 'whole community in mind'.

He said:

"We had the shootings but also the other sad events of the flooding in West Cumbria and the coach crash near Keswick.

But we keep going and it's just a fantastic way of keeping the community together and to keep going in a very positive way."

– Dr Tim Sowton

Torch bearers who will carry the torch in Carlisle have also been speaking to us about their excitement. Below is:

Erin Drinkald

Matthew Greive

Elizabeth Auld

Suzanne Day