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Guilty verdict, Kendal murder trial

Terrence Armer has been found guilty at Carlisle Crown Court of the murder of Stacey Mackie. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment and must serve a minimum term of 27 years behind bars. Kim Ingles was in court and sent this report for ITV Border, it shows CCTV footage of Armer breaking into Ms Mackies flat:

In a statement Peter Kelly, Senior Crown Prosecutor from the Crown Prosecution Service said:

“This was a terrible, shocking murder which has left Stacey’s family and friends devastated.

“We may never know exactly what prompted him to go round to Stacey’s flat that night or exactly what happened in the flat in those few minutes after he arrived. What we do know is that he carried out a premeditated murder by deliberately pouring white spirit over her and setting fire to her. Through piecing together all the strands of evidence gathered by the police we have been able to prove to the jury that this is the only explanation for what happened and that he is therefore guilty of murder.

“It is difficult to imagine a more calculating and distressing crime and during the trial Stacey’s family have had to relive the harrowing circumstances of what happened. Despite all the overwhelming evidence against him Terrence Armer claimed the fire had nothing to do with him and protested his innocence throughout this trial. He made no attempt to call the emergency services on that night and has shown no remorse since. However, the jury have seen through his lies and brought him to justice today.

“I hope his conviction for murder will bring Stacey’s family some measure of justice and I extend my sincerest sympathies to them.”

– Peter Kelly Senior Crown Prosecutor.