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Disruption on the West Coast Main Line due to flooding and a collapsed wall

Flood water caused disruption on the West Coast Main Line this morning after part of the track was submerged in water from the River Caldew which had flooded in Carlisle.

Residents living in homes along the Caldew had a restless night as they watched the river levels rise. At 7am the river was at its height but floodgates put in place after the floods in 2005 held.

At 8.30am 60ft of wall between the River Caldew and the West Coast Main Line collapsed. Following an inspection by engineers, and after the flood water receded, the line reopened and the back log of waiting trains was cleared.

Councillor Elsie Martlew lives next to the river. She now has concernes about the railway pylon which remains suspended over the water after being taken down with the wall.

"When you look at the pylon and the angle it is at I've got to say there is a Victorian sewer running under the river and if the pylon falls and damages it, i think there will be environmental problems for a long time to come."

– Cllr Elsie Martlew

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