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Widespread flooding in Cumbria

Flooded car in Bitts Park in Carlisle Photo: itv news

The clean up has begun across Cumbria after the heaviest rainfall in the country fell on the area last night causing widespread flooding.

The highest rainfall was recorded at Blencathra when 93.8 mm fell in the past 24 hours. At the nearby town of Keswick, 88.6 mm fell, the second highest recorded rainfall in the country overnight.

A number of properties were hit including Keswick Rugby Club, the Stead McAlpin Factory in Carlisle and around a dozen other homes and businesses.

But the Environment agency said that the flood defences in Cockermouth, Keswick and Carlisle had all held and prevent more widespread devastation.

We've seen some really significant rainfalls come in across Cumbria, that's caused quite significant levels in the rivers to rise.

We've been very fortunate that a fairly few number of properties have flooded.

Obviously for those who were flooded it's been a very difficult and traumatic day and it can take a long time to recover.

But our defences seemed to have held up very well so far across Cumbria and we are very positive that they've protected a lot of people.

– Matt Crump, Environment Agency operations manager

In Keswick, the area around Davidson Park was affected.

Two flats in Riverside Court were flooded.

The fire service was called out to deal with flooding last night and earlier today.

The Environment Agency has warned that there may be more flooding overnight.