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RBS woes continue

Lee Harrison lives in Carisle. He has learning difficulties and relies on benefits. Becasue of the technical problems at RBS those benefits haven't been paid and he has now run out of money.

He called the bank when the money didn't go into his account and the number was engaged,

He was sent a text message from the bank saying they are sorry but the money still hadn't been processed. The text message gave him telephone number to call if he needs funds. He has called the number every day since his money hasn't arrived and every time it is engaged.

The text message Lee has received Credit: ITV Border

Lee is fed up and unhappy. He says that people in his position should be treated more urgently.

RBS in Carlisle Credit: ITV Border

The RBS group have said that only 1% of its customers are now having difficulties and they apologise saying the situation is not acceptable. However for people like Lee, who have no idea when their money will arrive, that is of little comfort.