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Council considers 'control orders' on dogs

Street enforcement officers speak to inform dog walkers Photo: ITV Border

South Lakeland District Council is asking its residents whether they want to ban dogs from certain playgrounds and sports fields.

The so-called 'dog control orders' would ban dogs mainly from areas where children play.

Councillor Clare Feeney-Johnson explained that they wanted to protect children from dog mess.

She said: "It's sensible not to have dogs in those areas. Children are inquisitive and if they pick it up then they're known to eat it. It's just bad."

The council also wants to pass a byelaw that would allow the police to impose spot fines on people who defecate or urinate in 'unsuitable' places.

Lookaround learned that there have been cases of people defecating in children's playgrounds through the night, as well as problems with people urinating in streets after a night out.

Rob Kitchen, from Streetcare, said: "The defecating in public is in your playing areas from time to time which affects the younger members of the district and it's not a pleasant sight."

The public have a three months to consider whether to pass dog exclusion zones in areas where they live.