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Pigeon feeding appeal continues

An appeal by a mother and daughter against their conviction and sentence for illegally feeding pigeons is continuing at Carlisle Crown Court.

Monica and Janet McIntosh from High Harrington in west Cumbria were found guilty and fined by magistrates last December for breaching a council order not to leave out food that would attract large numbers of the birds.

Pigeon's in the McIntosh's garden Credit: ITV Border

So far the court has heard how people living close to the McIntosh's home in Broadacres in High Harrington have been affected by huge numbers of pigeons feeding in the garden. Neighbours have said they can't hang out washing or sit in their gardens because of the pigeons swooping, roosting, feeding and leaving droppings.

Monica and Janet McIntosh were ordered to stop from putting out food that would attract pigeons by Allerdale Borough Council in June last year. In December the pair were taken to court by the council for contravening that abatement order.

Magistrates in West Cumbria found them guilty and fined them £500 each, ordered them to pay almost £1200 costs and warned them that they faced increasing fines of £50 a day for every day they continued to leave out food that attracted large numbers of pigeons.

The women are appealing against their conviction and sentence at Carlisle Crown court. The case continues.

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