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Glasgow Rangers "should not be allowed favours" - Annan Athletic chairman.

Annan Athletic want to play Rangers next season Photo: ITV Border

On Friday, the 30 members of the Scottish Football League will vote to decide the future of Glasgow Rangers.

The club went into administration with debts of £134 million and was voted out of the Scottish Premier League.

Its assets were bought in May by a consortium for £5.5 million and the club was reformed.

That newly formed club, so-called Newco Rangers, will be allowed to join the Scottish Football League if the other clubs agree.

But some in Scottish football's elite want Rangers to begin in the first division instead of the third to secure television money.

The Scottish Premier League is warning that it would affect TV revenues if Rangers went into division three and said that the SPL would no longer be able to pass down money - worth around £2million annually - to clubs in the SFL.

But there is another twist, the Scottish Football Association has suggested that the whole of Scottish football could be re-organised in future.

This is being seen as a way of "sweetening" the lower league clubs into agreeing to the plans to put Rangers into division one.

Annan's chairman Henry McClelland has come out strongly against the SPL.

He says that no special case should be made in favour of allowing Rangers to join the first division.

Mr McClelland added that any re-organisation should be dealt with separately.

Stranraer and Berwick Rangers have said they will vote for Rangers to go into division three.

The Queen of the South's board says they haven't yet decided.