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Great Corby Floods: One Year On

Great Corby village, one year on Photo: ITV Border

Residents in the Cumbrian Village of Great Corby held a party today, a year on from floods that devastated the village.

They say it is a celebration of beating the floods that destroyed homes and brought down bridges.

Many homes have had to be re-built, and residents had to live elsewhere for 6 months.

The floods happened in a matter of minutes, and swept through homes, over 3 feet deep.

The environment Agency said a build up of water caused "a freak event of nature".

Home owner Craig McCulloch has organised the party for the local community.

We decided to have a party on the anniversary of the flood, but it is definitely about beating the flood, and it is not a celebration of us flooding, it is actually a party to say thank you to the local community, thank you to everybody who helped, and we beat it.

– Craig McCulloch, home owner
Craig McCulloch prepares for the party Credit: ITV Border

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