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Queen of the South criticised by fans

Fans have criticised Queen of the South's decision to vote against the majority of Scottish Football League clubs as to which division the newly formed Rangers club should start next season.

Queens was one of only five clubs that voted for the new Gers team to enter the SFL in Division One. This was despite many fans contacting the club urging them to vote for Rangers to begin again in the bottom tier, the third division.

A number of fans have posted on Queen of the South's website calling the vote a disgrace.

The club has defended its decision in a statement on its website. It explains that a 'no' vote would not guarantee the game's governing bodies introducing a new league structure which could benefit the smaller clubs; something the club says is 'badly needed.'

It said:

"We felt that if there was any chance of getting league reconstruction, and the other benefits of the game, that we had to vote "yes" [to Rangers entering the league in Division 1]"

– Queen of the South statement
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In the statement the club acknowledges it was voting differently to the wishes of the majority of fans who contacted the club. It said:

"We want to be very clear though, that voting contrary to the opinions of many fans it is not the same as ignoring them. We read all of the correspondence, and again would like to thank each and every person who took the time to get in touch. The opinions of fans were considered, and debated, long and hard before the board took the difficult decision to vote contrary to most of them. Please do not take any part of this process to imply that you were ignored or dismissed. This simply was not the case."

– Queen of the South

They added:

"In summary, we felt that the positives that could be achieved with a 'yes' vote were worth pursuing, given that our reading of the situation was that the effects of a 'yes' vote would be manufactured by the governing bodies irrespective of the outcome of the actual vote. It remains to be seen if we were correct in this assumption."

– Queen of the South football club

The former giants of the Scottish Premier League, Rangers are required to start again in the Football league after they went into administration with debts of £134 million. The clubs in the football league where then required, by the Governing Bodies, to vote on which Division the newly formed Rangers club should enter into.

The vote for them to enter at the bottom of Division three will now be ratified by the Governing body.

For the full statement from Queen of the South click here.

Our reporter spoke to the Club's chairman. He explained why the club made the decision.

Some fans vented their anger at the club by posting on the team's face book site. Others have said they are boycotting the team while others have said they won't be going to the first match of the Doonhamers season.