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Scottish sheep shearing delayed

Farmers are finally shearing sheep after bad weather has caused delays. They are having to grab every opportunity to take wool from sheep when they are dry.

The value of wool decreases significantly when it is wet and muddy. Wool sellers in the Scottish Borders say farmers are now starting to catch up with the backlog. But farmers fear the weather has caused more long term damage to their livelihoods.

One farmer we spoke to, Ian Hepburn explained to our reporter Jenny Longden that although the shearing is getting done now it's the price of feed which is the main worry.

Wool sellers in the Borders had 50,000 kilos less wool than they usually would have in June, as farmers held off to begin shearing.

Though bosses at Stewart & Ramsden in Galashiels say the wool is now coming through, and is in good quality.

Manager of the depot, David Swinton, says he is impressed.

""They have really done a really good job this year with the weather, considering the weather, the really really bad summer we have had, all the wool that we have had coming in has been dry, which is really really good, and you have got to commend the farmers for this."

– David Swinton, manager, Stewart & Ramsden.
Wool coming into a warehouse to be processsed Credit: ITV Border