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Proposals could threaten vintage cars

For many brides going to the church in a vintage car is a dream come true, but proposals to change legislation surrounding them could see the end of that tradition.

The law commison wants to update the the law for taxi and private hire vehicles, some of which dates back to the 1800s. At the moment wedding and funeral cars are exempt. But the new propsals would include them and bring extra costs that could see many unable to carry on.

Heather Graham's company'_s _is in that position, she explained to ITV Border how the new proposals, if they go through, would affect her.

These newly weds explained how special the car was for their wedding day:

Eddie Murray is a vintage enthusiast, he has tinkered with vintage vehicles since he was a child, he explained why these cars are so special.

The campaign has got the attention of the local MP Rory Stewart. He has written to the department of transport and to the chancellor to ask for wedding and funerals to remain exempt from the legislation.

The Law Commission are keen to point out that these proposals are just that and the final report given to Government could differ greatly which is why it's open to pubic consultation and that closes on 10th September.