1. ITV Report

Jedburgh flooding review underway

Scottish Borders Council have said they are continuing to review and respond to the major flooding that happened in Jedburgh on the 5th August.

The Skip Running burn overflowed at the mouth of a culvert at the top of the town and the water flowed right through the town centre. The burn rose two metres in less than fifteen minutes.

The investigation, commissioned by Scottish Borders Council, is well underway and aims to assess how the heavy rainfall affected this burn so that flooding can be averted in the future.

The Council have said they will keep residents informed of their findings and proposals, with the first report expected at the beginning of September.

SBC has also applied for emergency financial assistance from the Scottish Government in light of the flooding in Jedburgh and the central Borders in general.

Councillor David Parker, the Council Leader, said:

"This was obviously a major incident, and one that caused a significant amount of damage to houses, shops, commercial properties, roads, and in one case a wall forming part of the town's flood defences. The Bellwin Scheme is in place to help in the aftermath of emergencies like this and due to the scale of the incident the Council believes it has a good chance of securing this additional support.

"We are continuing to inspect and identify damage to infrastructure. We are also aware of roads damage in the wider central Borders and this may also form part of any Bellwin Scheme claim."

– Cllr David Parker

On 5 August the area faced an intense spell of heavy rainfall, as explained by Met Office Advisor Ross Melville:

"An area of low pressure brought slow moving, very heavy and prolonged showers across Jedburgh and other areas of southern Scotland. Stations recorded over 15mm in the hour from the showers however some areas would have seen far heavier rain and higher accumulations. The high intensity rain resulted in some localised flooding."

– Met Office advisor

Alarms for the Skip Running burn's grill sensor were set off at 7.58am and within 10 minutes flood water was flowing into the town centre. The grill was cleared prior to this by SBC on Saturday evening.

Around 25 residential and 25 business properties were affected by the flooding.