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Mystery as hundreds of racing pigeons disappear

Hundreds of racing pigeons have mysteriously disappeared throughout Scotland over the last few days.

The Scottish Borders is one of the worst areas affected with only 13 birds returning out of 232 from a recent race from Yorkshire.

Some fanciers are now speaking about stopping flying the birds until it is established why so many are going missing.

Ian Noble is the President of the Scottish Homing Union said:

“It does seem that the Borders is the worst affected. The weather at the weekend was fine and although birds of prey will kill a few and scare many others that can’t be the single reason either.“We’ve had problems before with birds going missing, but this is byfar the worst I’ve come across."

– Ian Noble, President of the Scottish Honing Union

Homing pigeons can travel from up to 400 miles away in a single day - using magnetic fields as well as sight for navigation. But scientists believe solar winds - known as Coronal Mass Ejection - can distort magnetic fields during certain weather systems.Racing pigeons cost from £20 to £1000 a time and fanciers from all over the country are counting the cost.

Austin Lindores releases his pigeons in the Borders Credit: ITV Border