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Don Gailer leaves Whitehaven RLFC

Don Gailer will leave his post as head coach of Whitehaven Rugby League Football Club with immediate effect.

Gailer, who secured the club promotion to the Championship last season, was told the news when on holiday in Paris.

Commentator John Cox told ITV that he believed the Australian had been offered a new contract at the end of the season. When the coach failed to sign it, because he had issues with some of the terms amd conditions, the board of directors rescinded the offer.

Whitehaven Rugby Club have confirmed the departure of Don Gailer as coach was due to 'difficulties' between him and the players.This had come to a head following a match in London.

The board of directors decided to take back the offer of a contract issued to Gailer earlier.

Ralph Calvin, director of Whitehaven Rugby League Football Club said:

"After the initial offer of the contract it became clear that there were difficulties between the coach and players. In the best interest of the club these difficulties needed to be resolved quickly. We are sorry that it seemed impolite to Don in the way that it was done, he was in Pairs at the time with his family, but the circumstances of getting the board of directors together was difficult.

"We had to act quickly in the best interest of the club. The position will be advertised as quickly as possible in order to build a quality squad for the next season. We would like to thank Don for his efforts in getting the club promotion this season."

– Ralph Calvin

Don Gailer returned from France and told ITV he was extremely disappointed about the way the situation been handled by the club.

He said it should have been discussed face to face not while he was out of the country. But he thanked the fans for their support and kind wishes. He added:

"I have been reading the fan forum pages and they've helped me feel a bit better about the situation. Most of them are as shocked as I was about the change in events.

"The board have handled the situation very badly, they could have waited for me to return so we could have sat down to discussed the issues. They now have to answer their fans."

– Don Gailer
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