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Borders brother and sister win medals within an hour

For rights reasons, some of the footage from Dan Ashby's report has been removed. Credit for images of James Clegg: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire. Credit for images of Libby Clegg: David Davies/PA Wire.

The Olympic park roared in celebration as a sprinter from the Scottish Borders won a silver medal, less than an hour after her brother won bronze.

The T12 100m, the category for blind or visually-impaired athletes, was one of the most talked-about events after four athletes broke the world record in the heats.

Libby Clegg, from Newcastleton, narrowly missed out on gold to her Chinese rival but got her second Paralympic silver.

Less than an hour earlier her brother, James Clegg, grabbed a surprise bronze in the Aquatics Centre in the S12 100m butterfly.

It meant their mother, Moira Beattie, had to run from the Aquatics Centre to the Olympic Stadium to try to see both children in their respective finals.

As she ran, she told ITV Border: "I feel sick. It was a fantastic result! Third. And it was so close."

Both Libby and James suffer from a degenerative eye condition called Stargardt’s Macular Dystrophy, a disease which has left Libby with only peripheral vision in one eye.

Libby runs her sprints with a guide - Mikail Huggins - who also got a medal for his part.

The guides are allowed to talk to their teammates, but cannot cross the finish line before their sprinter.

A day later, his stepfather and mother said they knew before it was announced that James had won - and they could not be more proud of both siblings.

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