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Cumbria hosts domestic violence conference

A conference is being held in Cumbria to explore issues of forced marriage, honour based violence and same sex domestic violence.

Those who attended say they hope people like Shafelia Ahmed won't have been killed in vain, that they can reach those forced into marriage or who suffer honour abuse before it is too late.

Shafilea Ahmed was murdered by her parents in 2003

The 17-year-old was murdered by her parents in 2003. They believed she had brought dishonour to the family because she was westernised. Her body was discovered by the bank of a river near Kendal.

The conference was organised by Safer Cumbria, which was set up to tackle domestic and sexual violence and abuse in the county.

The Crown Prosecution Service hopes the high profile of her case will give those affected by honour abuse the courage to report the crimes against them.

"The dreadful murder of Shafilea Ahmed, whose body was discovered in Cumbria, highlights the need to explore how we would support people who were subjected to honour based domestic violence.

We need to understand more about these crimes to ensure that together we can better support victims and witnesses"

– Julia Carver, Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor, Safer Cumbria

One of those speaking at the conference was Sameem Ali.

Sameem was forced to marry at the age of 13, and was pregnant by 14. She says Shafelia did not die in vain and more needs to be done to help victims come forward.