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Cable arrives to reconnect remote Lakes village

A giant transporter has snaked the country roads to a remote Lake District village carrying a custom built underwater cable weighing 19 tonnes. It will be used to help restore mains electricity to the isolated community which has been without mains power since last December.

Businesses and villagers have relied on generator power Credit: ITV Border

For the last 10 months 11 properties in the village have been relying on power from generators after a fault occurred on a power cable that runs through Wastwater - England's deepest lake.

Now 1.6km of replacement cable will be laid through the lake in a contour around 30 metres under the surface.

Jane Fleetwood, response manager for Electricity North West, said

"It's an extremely complicated engineering challenge to restore mains power to such a remote and unique location and we're confident we have a solution that will last.

"We restored power the same day as the fault by providing generators, and it's taken a lot of planning and background work with local residents and businesses, as well as the council, National Trust and Natural England to reach this stage of the project.

"As with previous phases, we will do everything we can to minimise disruption, keep residents updated and complete the work as safely and quickly as possible."

– Jane Fleetwood

The view from Waswater towards Wasdale Head was voted Britian's favourite view

Signs near the village Credit: ITV Border