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84 Miles Aged 96

It's been slow progress. 8 months to be exact. Each month walking 5 miles a day, for 2 consecutive days, each time picking up from where she left off. But finally, Doris Hancock has done it.

Few aged 96 can say they've walked Hadrian's Wall for the first time. Doris may be the oldest person ever to have walked it - certainly nobody in her support group knows of anyone older.

The 84 mile route has been a favourite of walkers for many years, but not Doris. A self confessed novis, she had a sudden desire to walk the length of the wall and certainly wasn't going to let her age get in the way.

Doris used the walk to raise some money for the young persons homeless charity Centre Point, and even got a letter of thanks from the charity's patron Prince William.

Doris has nothing else planned at the moment apart from getting back to normal life... and after 8 months and 84 miles, who can blame her?