1. ITV Report

Dozens take part in major training exercise

It's not the way that most people spend their Sunday - taking to the Moffat hills in the pouring rain - as part of the annual Mountain Rescue exercise.

The Galloway and Borders teams joined forces with Moffat Mountain Rescue in a simulated emergency - looking for 6 walkers lost on the hills after failing to return from a walking festival. The scenario was picked as it's something that could possibly happen. With sites like the Grey Mare's Tail waterfall, this area is hugely popular throughout the year, and large numbers of walkers means a lot of potential call outs for the teams.

A full control room was set up at base for the duration of the exercise, with members of Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary on hand as well, to work together as they would if this was a real emergency.

The Moffat team trains twice a month, but this major exercise only happens once a year. Working with other teams provides not only a valuable chance to learn new skills, but also get to know members of neighbouring teams. If this was for real, they would be working together to try and rescue those involved.

After 2 long days in the cold and the wet, all involved hope they don't have to use the skills they've learnt too often in the coming months.