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Laboratory opens to help find blood clots

The family of a man from Dumfries has fulfilled his final wish today.

A new service to help stop people dying needlessly from heart attacks and strokes has been opened at the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary thanks to a "substantial" donation from David Wyllie's estate.

The family of Mr Wyllie got the chance to see the equipment that his legacy has paid for in action.

Mr Wyllie, who lived in the Dumfries area all his life and died aged 73, left hundreds of thousands of pounds to the new vascular laboratory.

It's the kind of thing his family say she wanted to happen after he lost his own battle with illness following a lifetime coping with cerebral palsy.

He died almost three years ago and left them to decide how to help others in future.

His gift will also pay for a technician who will be employed to use an ultra sound scanner to analyse vascular problems.

One of the main advantages is that patients will no longer have to have separate appointments at the hospital's x-ray department.

Vascular surgeons say that it'll make the diagnosis of things like blood clots much easier and safer as it means that patients will no longer have to be injected with contrast dye which can cause problems in the kidneys.

The new unit will cut diagnosis times and make recognising them much easier Credit: ITV Border

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