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Leaner, fitter Queens, says chairman

Queen of the South chairman Billy Hewitson "confident" club's going in the right direction Photo: ITV Border

Shareholders for the Queen of the South football club have netted a profit of £20,000 at the end of May 2012 after directors turned around a loss of £260,000 from the year before.

The new club chairman Billy Hewitson has put down the secret of its success to a dose of reality.

At one point things got so bad for the Queen of the South loyal fans were asked to step in and raise money to help cover its bills.

But that financial embarrassment seems a long way off for the Doonhaimers. its latest figures show a healthy profit.

It's come at the cost of loosing players, huge wage cuts and relegation. But a leaner, fitter Queens has emerged according to the club's chairman.

We've got a small board now that can make decisions fairly quickly.

We talk to each other every day about any issues concerning the club and no expenditure happens without us knowing about it.

– Chairman of Queen of the South, Billy Hewitson

Ironically, Queens financial woes began thanks to a stroke of fortune.

By getting to the Scottish Cup Final in 2008 the club netted a huge windfall and posted the largest profit in its 93 year history.

On the back of that the club invested in players and players' wages but with no more successful cup runs, the club hit the financial buffers two years ago when they ran up losses of £260,000.

That required a massive investment from the club directors and ex-directors including loans of £50,000.

Having then slashed the wage bill by £300,000 then then a ran profit last year of £20,000.

Mr Hewitson and other chairman are now pressing for Scottish football to be restructured to make it more level playing field for smaller clubs to compete. It will help his cause that the blues are now firmly in the black.