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Egremont man builds own flood defences

Billy's wall Photo: ITV Border

An Egremont man flooded 3 times in 11 weeks is building his own defence wall.Billy Conway has taken time off work to build the wall to protect his home. He was last flooded on Sunday when the nearby culvert overflowed and has decided to take matters into his own hands.

"I've taken three days off work to do this because nothing is being done. I've flooded three times in 11 weeks"

– Billy Conway
Billy Conway's flood defence wall Credit: ITV Border

Copeland Borough Council are offering support sessions for people affected by flooding in August and October. In August, more than 130 properties in Egremont, Beckermet, St Bees, Cleator Moor and Whitehaven were flooded. Some of the same homes and businesses were hit again on October 17th. Most of the flooding was caused by surface water and work is being carried out to keep debris clear from waterways and drains to allow the water to get away. The Environment Agency say it is also looking at a long term solution in areas repeatedly hit by flooding.