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New Year rail fare increases

Train fares increase by an average of 3.9% Photo: PA

There's been an angry reaction to the latest increase in rail fares. Ticket prices have gone up by an average of 3.9% meaning regular commuters will now have to shell out hundreds of pounds more, to travel the same distance.

The increase varies between different operators in Cumbria and southern Scotland.

ScotRail fares have gone up by 3.9%

Northern Rail by 4.8%. It's the equivalent of 10-20p per single journey.

Regulated fares on First TransPennine Express rail services have risen in line with the Government set formula of 4.2%, or RPI + 1% . Un-regulated fares, including advance purchase tickets have risen by 3.6%.

Virgin Trains ‘regulated’ fares, those where the fare increase is set by the Department for Transport, have risen on average by Retail Price Index plus 1% = 4.2%. Regulated fares are on things like season tickets.

Virgin Trains ‘unregulated’ fares, those where the company have control of price, have risen on average by 3.3% (RPI plus 0.1%).

For example, an off peak standard return fare from Carlisle to London now costs £107.40 compared to £103.10 in 2012. It's an increase of £4.30

Train operators say it will allow them to invest in the rail network but the RMT Union say passengers are being ripped off and say rail users are set for another year of fare misery.