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Family's relief at Workington man's rescue

The family of 60-year-old Tony Grisedale who was rescued by Algerian troops earlier this week say they are relieved he's safe.

Mr Grisedale was one of dozens of workers held hostage at the BP-run gas plant in Algeria by Islamist gunmen.

He spoke to his mother Madge today to tell her he was safe and well and has been flown to Sicily.

His family, including his wife Susan, are hoping to be reunited with him tomorrow when he's due to fly back to the UK.

I've never slept all night thinking about it but my daughter-in-law Susan said put the news on and you'll see him.

So I was more content when I saw him getting on that bus. He looks rough but he's had the same clothes on since Wednesday and he needs a shave.

But as long as he's safe. He's out of it now isn't he.

– Madge Grisdale

Mr Grisedale's family said that he'd been at the Algerian plant in the Sahara Desert site of In Amenas for two weeks.

They claim that he had been due to take up a contract before Christmas but that it had been postponed due to on-going security risks in the area.

Mr Grisedale, who runs a garage in Harrington in Workington, told Algerian television on Friday that he had never really felt any danger during the crisis.