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Cold grip on region continues

Spring remains cold and wintry (photo by KEZ GREENFIELD) Photo:

For the week ahead Winter continues to have a firm grip on our Spring weather as raw and strong winds travel in from Scandinavia along an easterly airflow, around an area of High Pressure just north of the UK.

Cold easterly wind. Cold air from Scandinavia gets dragged round an area of High Pressure

Despite less snow falling from the sky these winds will blow and drift the already lying snow - potentially causing further problems for travellers on the regions roads.

Temperatures will again struggle to reach much higher than freezing and will dip well below at night - to bring widespread, sharp frosts and the continued risk of ice. Snow over higher ground is unlikely to thaw much at all.

Sunshine amounts will vary, with western areas seeing the best of any sunshine on offer. Eastern parts are more at risk of thicker cloud amounts and wintry flurries being brought in along the winds off the North Sea.

We stick with this set up for much of the week. As we head towards Easter weekend things get a little more complicated as, yet again, Low Pressure and weather systems from the Atlantic threaten to move towards our cold UK.

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