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More than just a title: the legacy of being a Cornet

Chris Ritson says today was the fulfillment of a life-long dream Photo: ItV

All over Hawick most young boys grow up with one common dream. That one day they will be given the honour of being named the town's Cornet.

It's something they know carries a weight of responsibility.

John Hope carries the colours in 1963 Credit: John Hope

The Common Riding is a day of celebration and also a day to remember.

It commemorates a time in 1514 when the young men of Hawick fought off a band of English marauders, who were going around the area raiding the towns and villages.

The young men from Hawick stole the English flag and brought it back to the town. Today the common riding sees hundreds of horses ride the boundaries of the town to check they are 'intact'.

Hundreds turn out to watch the Common Riding in 1963 Credit: John Hope

Today that story is told in classrooms and homes across the South of Scotland.

Common Ridings take place in many towns in the Borders and Dumfries and Galloway, marking a time when England and Scotland were less than friendly neighbours.

These days it's more of a celebration.

Youngsters add colour to the Common Riding celebrations Credit: ITV News

This year Chris Ritson is the man chosen to lead the celebrations. His duties began at the start of the year and today is the culmination of many public engagements.

Being Cornet is something that means so much to people here. It's an honour that perhaps only those who live in these Borders towns can explain.

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