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Taking a trip down 'most haunted' road

Kinmount Straight near Annan is nicknamed 'Ghost Alley' Photo: Mostly Ghostly

It's claimed the A75 in Dumfries and Galloway is Britain's most haunted road. Hundreds of ghostly sightings have been reported on the old and new road between Gretna and Dumfries, including figures that disappear to a menagerie of animals. One of the most infamous sightings was in the Kinmount Straight near Annan in 1962. The Ferguson brothers claim their vehicle was a hit by a hen that disappeared. It was then followed by other animals, including cats, dogs and more fowl, which then also vanished. Elsewhere, near Eastriggs and Dornock, a Victorian lady and a man in a red top have been sighted. In 1997 a woman thought she had hit a man in her car near Swordwellrig but when she got out to investigate, she could find no sign of him.

The A75 road crops up frequently in polls of most haunted roads in Scotland, Britain and indeed, the world and best of all, it is right here in Dumfries & Galloway”

– Kathleen Cronie, Mostly Ghostly
The A75 is called Britain's 'most haunted' highway Credit: Mostly Ghostly

ITV Border's Hannah McNulty took a trip along the road with Kathleen Cronie and John Hill from paranormal investigation team, Mostly Ghostly. They run tours along the route and elsewhere in the Dumfries area. Below, John tells Hannah what he saw during a trip out on the road: