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Buying a used car?: What you need to know

Drivers should seek advice before buying a used car Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Archive/Press Association Images

With the news that drivers are spending over £600,000 a week on faulty used cars, according to Citizens Advice Scotland, ITV Border has put together a list of tips to follow when buying a used car, and what you need to know about your rights as a consumer.

Top Ten Tips for What To Look for When Buying a Used car

  • Check MOT certificate – indicates if car is roadworthy
  • Check service history – shows if car has been maintained
  • Check V5 registration document – shows if car is stolen
  • Check if car is a write off – helps you know what you are buying
  • Check finance history – ensures car doesn’t have an outstanding hire purchase agreement
  • Test drive – to make sure the car is right for your needs
  • Walk around check – for signs the car isn’t what it seems
  • Get engineer’s check – shows condition of car and any hidden dangers
  • Check price value guide – indicates reasonable price to pay
  • Check car is not recalled – shows if car was recalled for safety reasons by manufacturer

Your rights when buying a used car

If you bought the car from a dealer, the car must:

  • Match its description. This means it must be as described by the seller. This includes any written description in an advertisement or catalogue.
  • Be of satisfactory quality. This means the car must be in reasonable condition, considering its age and make, its past history and the price paid.
  • *Be fit for its purpose. *If you request a vehicle which is capable of towing a large caravan, it must be capable of doing the job).
  • Be roadworthy. It is a criminal offence to sell an un-roadworthy car. A car is not roadworthy if its brakes, tyres, steering, or construction make it unfit for the road. Even if the car has an MOT

Source: Citizens Advice Scotland