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Weather: Cold spell on the way

Our first cold spell of the season is expected to arrive by the end of Monday and stay with us for the rest of the week.

The most significant change will be the temperatures, which are really going to take a dip over the next few days. Add on a wind chill and even by day it will feel bitterly cold.

The main concern at this time of year is where we get any precipitation (the wet stuff!). Anything wet is much more likely to turn wintry when temperatures are hovering close to zero. This in turn brings the risk of icy roads and pavements and hazardous driving conditions.

From Monday night through to Wednesday the winds are northwesterly. This means that showers are more likely west of The Pennines. Eastern areas will get the drier, clearer conditions. From midweek the winds change direction and that's when eastern areas are at greater risk of getting more showers and anywhere west of The Pennines will be better placed for drier weather from Thursday.

As rain clears on Monday, colder air digs in behind. Northwestley winds feed in showers, some wintry

Overnight into Monday:

A weather front makes slow progress south and east, lingering in the region, bringing cloud and steady rain. We hold on to milder air. Frost free low of 6°C


The weather front clears south during the morning, introducing clearer skies and some nice sunshine by afternoon with a scattering of showers. Colder air begins to dig in from the north. Temperatures will peak early with highs of 8°C but drop during the afternoon.

Monday night:

As we reach nightfall on Monday showers feeding in along a strong and cold northwest airflow will turning increasingly wintry. Expect rain and hail for western coasts but sleet and snow showers inland.

Clearer spells in between showers will allow temperatures to dip below freezing. A widespread frost. Warnings are in place for the risk of ICE overnight into Tuesday morning with snow cover possible above 200m.


A cold, frosty and icy start. Some lovely winter sunshine is expected across many areas but the northwest flow is strong and this will also bring in frequent snow showers to western parts. The showers could be heavy and possibly even thundery, falling wintry inland with accumulations of snow possible over hills. Temperatures will, at best, reach 5°C but in rural areas and over higher ground the thermometer will struggle to get to a few degrees above freezing. The air is cold and the wind remains strong, bringing a 'wind chill' - temperatures will feel more like freezing or below.

Further ahead:

Overnight into Wednesday clear and cold conditions will be met by an area of rain.....this brings the risk of further snow over the hills and possibly even at lower levels initially.

As winds change from northwesterly to a northeasterly drier conditions are expected further west with the wet and wintry weather more likely east of The Pennines.

Rain, hail, sleet, snow, frost and ice........and some sunshine this week!