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Independence blueprint: What was said?

First Minister Alex Salmond at the launch of the White Paper Photo: ITV News Border

The SNP say that the White Paper sets out the answers to 650 questions posed by real people.The First Minister described the decision for Scotland's future as one that "won't be decided by me or by our opponents, but by the people of Scotland."

It was a sentiment echoed by the Deputy Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who said that "as of today, Scotland's future really is in Scotland's hands."

Alex Salmond told the press conference that the White Paper was a mandate for the Scottish people, on which basis people were being asked to vote for or against independence next year.He says the White Paper showcases "policies that will excite and capture the imagination of the Scottish people."

"A Scottish government chosen by the people of Scotland is more likely to reflect the values and needs of the people they represent."

– Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister

Alex Salmond says there are two pages in the White Paper that encapsulate what will happen if people vote 'no' at next year's independence referendum.

People can expect Scotland to still face the bedroom tax and the continuation of the military system Trident.

As well as this, the country's EU membership may be in doubt - if the current political climate of the British government is anything to go by- and there would be a reduced sum of money per capita.

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