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Sunday's detailed forecast plus outlook for Border - some wintriness on the way!

Little Hart Crag. Photo: Lesley Johnson

1st December today and there is some festive wintriness in the forecast for the new week!

High pressure is currently centred to the SW of Ireland. It will be slipping eastwards over the next couple of days to become anchored over East Anglia. Lots of cloud associated with this high, and as it pulls away, winds start to increase through the day on Monday.


After a cloudy start for many, with an odd spot of drizzle in places from thicker cover, Sunday afternoon shouldn't be too bad. Mostly dry, cloudy, some good breaks developing, especially further east. Tops generally 8-10c, 46-50f.


More cloud forms in places, but where the breaks appear we see mist and fog patches - these could be dense. Skies will be clearest in the west of the region, so this is where the thickest fog will form, and we anticipate hill fog as cloud sinks onto the tops. Lows 2-4c.


Any dense fog patches will take a while to lift on Monday morning, especially in the west. Cloudy elsewhere, possibly a spot of drizzle out of any thicker cloud. There will be odd brighter spells also, especially in the NW of the region.

Throughout the day, the wind begins to increase slightly as the high moves away, drawing in a more westerly flow, top temperatures down on Sunday's values, around 7-8c, 45-46f.


The high dies out, the bulk of it over Eastern Europe by now. This allows fronts to make some inbound progress from the NW. Winds increase, gentle to moderate for most and it will feel reasonably cold with a NW'erly flow. From mid-morning we start to see a band of rain move in. Its pace will be slow and erratic and the strength of the feature weakens through the day. So mostly cloudy, bits of rain on the front, but nothing especially heavy. In the far north, rain may turn to snow at higher levels, but there won't be alot of it.


A crisp start to the day, quite a bit of sun. Odd shower possible.


More significant weather on Thursday. We start quite bright, then another cold front pulls through. Winds increase and it will be breezy. The front should be into the region by midday on Thursday and will make swift progress across the north of England, giving the potential for snow over higher ground.


Once the front has moved through we have an arctic air mass across us so there is the potential for more wintry showers, especially down the east and west coasts of England. These snow showers may pull inland a little but not too far.

By Friday, we expect highs of only 4c 39f for many - add on the wind chill and it will feel bitter.