1. ITV Report

Some showers around this morning, especially in the west, but sunny spells as well throughout Sunday.

Cloud and sun over the Lake District. Photo: Stan Leigh

If you are planning a Christmas getaway tomorrow, better to go today if you possibly can because the weather is looking horrendous on Monday, especially between 10am and 2pm. Heavy, persistent rain from the west turning to snow as it comes up against colder air, with gale to severe gale force winds making higher routes really nasty. Conditions will affect flights, roads and ferries so please check your travel plans.

The weather today is much more benign...

Sunny spells and frequent blustery showers today. The showers are blowing west to east, most frequent in the west and will turn to hail, sleet and snow over the hills. More sunshine today than there was on Saturday and cooler than yesterday by a couple of degrees. Temperatures 5-7c, but feeling more like 1 or 2c with the wind chill.

Showers fade after midnight; expect a widespread frost with icy stretches.