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Monday: plus New Year's Eve forecast!

Carlisle. Photo: John McGibbon

Local flooding is a possibility after last night's heavy rain and there are concerns about the River Tay. Do visit the Environment Agency website if you are worried about flooding in your area.

As the rain pushes away eastwards on Monday morning, the region starts to brighten from the west. Just an odd shower remaining. Heavy, steady rain remaining in the east of the region for a few hours more.

As the rain clears away, the winds are at their strongest, gusts 60mph in the west, 70mph in more exposed spots.

The Met Office weather warning for heavy rain is in force until midday on Monday.

On Monday afternoon it's 'all change'. The rain should be right away into the North Sea by then, odd shower over the Pennines, but for the western side of the Border region it's unbroken sunshine. Further east, sunny breaks.

Winds ease compared to the morning period, but they remain blustery, gusts 35-40mph.

Highest temperatures on Monday will be in the morning around 8-10c. Later as the weather becomes clearer and brighter they drop away to 6-8c and the breeze will be fresh.


Rain pushes in to the west during the morning, followed by showers later. 8c 46f.


Mostly dry, odd shower, blustery. 'Bongs' temperatures 3c - definitely not a washout!

Happy New Year when it arrives!