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Into Monday: Rough seas. Big waves. Squally showers

Monday: Another low pressure swings in from the Atlantic feeding strong winds, squally showers. Photo:

Yet another low pressure system is responsible for weather warnings and very unsettled weather for us on Monday. An atlantic swell combined with surge from the low pressure, high winds and high tides will bring big waves and a stormy start to the region, especially in the west for the coast and Isle of Man.

There looks to be a slow improvement during the week with maybe a drier brighter spell by Thursday.

Overall the week is less stormy but will continue, from Tuesday, to be blustery with a mixture of scattered heavy showers and sunny spells.

Sunday night:

Persistent rain will turn more showery through the night with many areas becoming largely dry and partly clear.

Some showers will still be heavy and possibly thundery.

It will stay very windy with gales around coasts and hills. Less cold and most areas frost free 4 °C.


A very windy day.

Sunshine and very blustery showers will affect most parts of the region, some heavy with hail and thunder a possibility.

Gales are most likely across coasts and hills. Severe gales with gusts 60-70mph are possible for a short time in the Irish Sea during the morning.

The combination of strong winds and big waves brings the risk of coastal flooding. Less cold high of 10 °C.


Remaining unsettled, but less stormy than of late. Gales gradually easing.

Further showers, heavy at times, for Tuesday and Wednesday but some sunnier interludes too.

Thursday the winds will be less gusty, with fewer showers and more sunshine.

A fairly mild, largely frost free start to the week. With fairer conditions Thursday a less mild day with a touch of frost overnight.