1. ITV Report

Monday through the Border region.

Windermere sunrise. Monday sunrise: 8.11am - Monday sunset: 4.39pm Photo: Andrew Miller

Monday sunrise: 8.11am - Monday sunset: 4.39pm - 8hr 28min daylight.

Higher routes may still be affected by a dusting of snow and some ice during the rush hour this morning.

Showers continue. They will feel more like persistent rain through the western side of the region, lots of showers wrapped around an area of low pressure which is sinking southwards. Snow over the hilltops. Strong breeze from the west.

The afternoon is much the same as Monday morning, large areas of rain circulating round the low. Blustery breeze.

The eastern side of the Border region should be drier than the west, but still with some heavy downpours.

Temps 6-7c, 43-45f, around average, but not feeling very pleasant.


Low pressure in the Irish Sea produces further showers or longer spells of rain continuing through the night, gusty winds.