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Weather: Outlook for the next few days

An unsettled mixture over the next few days..... Photo: (Crummock STEPHEN SMALLWOOD)

As we head into the new working week low pressure remains in charge, bringing an Atlantic flow of weather - strong winds, showery outbreaks or longer spells of rain.

For us there will a certain amount of shelter on both Monday and Tuesday in the east, for The Borders, with a few pockets of brightness.

For all on Wednesday it's a wet and windy story, the rain quickly followed by showers.

Sunday night:

Most of any showers dying out during the evening. A touch of frost possible in the east before cloud thickens from the west, winds gather strength and patchy rain spreads in across Dumfries and Galloway towards the end of the night. Lows 2-4 °C.


A windy start with strong, gusty winds. For a time during the first part of the morning winds could reach in excess of 50mph along western coasts.

A dry start to the day in The Borders with some sunshine. Cloudier skies across Dumfries & Galloway and Cumbria with patchy, fairly light rain slowly edging east by late afternoon/evening. Highs 7 °C.

Strong winds ahead of some patchy evening rain on Monday. Gales in the west to begin.


A touch of frost possible for the next couple of nights, lows 2°C

Sunshine and heavy, blustery showers Tuesday.

A very unsettled day midweek. Cloudy, wet and very windy on Wednesday.

Back to brighter spells, showery outbreaks and blustery winds Thursday.

Showers or rain could contain a wintry mix of the higher ground.

Another low swings in for midweek. Wet and windy spell followed by showers