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Scotland's smallest theatre in Whithorn up for sale

The Swallow Theatre Photo: ITV News

The Swallow Theatre near Whithorn in Galloway is thought to be Scotland's smallest theatre, it was set up in the mid 1990s and it's seen locals and touring performers tread the boards to tiny audiences.

But now its owner David Sumner has decided it's time to leave the Swallow to someone else.

It's been put up for sale, but not to the highest bidder. David is looking for a very specific person to fill the seats in the theatre he has called home for almost 20 years.

"I'm looking for a person or people, a couple, who are passionate about theatre, and about performance and are committed really to carrying the theatre on with the help of the local community, that's why I'm going to take my time trying to sell it, because I'm looking who I can hand the baton onto if you like, if I can put it that way."

– David Sumner
The Swallow Theatre Credit: ITV News

The theatre has been valued at £320,000, and it comes with three acres of ground, a cottage for the owner and it's outbuilding has been renovated to provide accommodation for travelling performers.

David set up the Swallow with his wife in 1996, when she died in 2001, volunteers stepped in to help him keep it going and it's proved a great hit with the local community.

David Sumner Credit: ITV News
The Swallow Theatre Credit: ITV News

"Until I came to the swallow I hadn't actually written any plays, but coming to the play readings here in the winter and then watching the professional theatre here, that just inspired me to have a go."

– Anne Danford, Playwright

From traditional music, to poetry readings and plays, the Swallow has everything that most theatres have to offer ... albeit on a smaller basis.

David has had some interest in the theatre, but he's not bowing out just yet, he wants to ensure the Swallow is in the right hands to keep the lights shining for years to come.