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In Ryan Dollard's latest blog he admits so far he hasn't made it to any events!

A good day for our Curlers, with two wins from two matches today in Sochi. Vicki Adams, Claire Hamilton and Anna Sloan were part of the Women's rink who beat China 8-7, while Lockerbie's David Murdoch skippered the boys to a 5-3 win against the USA.

David has been in fine form so far out here. He has finished just outside the medals at the last two Olympics and you can sense how much getting on to the podium this time would mean to him

Vicki Adam, Claire Hamilton and Anna Sloan compete today in Sochi Credit: David Davies/PA Wire

I have finally crossed one of the big items off my 'to do' list. Tima and I rolled in to Sochi this morning merrily listening to Shane MacGowan and the rest of The Pogues singing about bitterly disappointing Christmases in New York and other such tales of theatrics and struggles of the underdog. He liked it, or he said he did, he's very polite. Tomorrow it will be Russian music again. I wonder what I should offer up on Saturday, Springsteen?

I am still yet to make it into a stadium as a spectator. The success of our Curlers has seen to that, along with helping out my colleagues in other ITV regions with bits and pieces with their athletes. I have promised myself that, if the opportunity does not arrive beforehand, I will not be kept away from the Curling medal games by wild horses or any other impediment.

For the past few nights I have drank coffee staring over the the Stadia listening to the music and crowds at the figure skating arena, staring at the flickering Olympic Flame like a child pressing his face up to the sweetshop window the day before he gets his pocket money, or Gatsby sadly and hopefully gazing at the light on Daisy's dock. I'll get there yet. I am determined you see, determined.

The sunsets over the Bolshoy Ice Dome and the Olympic Flame in the Olympic Park Credit: David Davies/PA Wire
The olympic rings and the olympic flame in the olympic park at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games Credit: Frank May

I have also had something of a loss. A little girl on the train back into Sochi has taken a liking to one of my, slightly unusual luggage tags, and I have never been a man to wantonly reduce a child to tears. Here's to karma and good things coming back around.

A very happy little girl with her new, unusual luggage tag toy Credit: ITV News Border

Are you interested in anything particular out here? Whether it is what our athletes are like in the flesh, what the buzz is in the town, the security, the food or the people, if you drop me a line I'll do my best to satisfy your curiosity.

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