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SUNDAY: the latest in-depth 5 day forecast - a look at the new week.

Roughfirth, Kippford, Dumfries and Galloway. Photo: Bob Little

The new week will be breezy at times for the Border region, generally cloudy with some rain early in the week, but no significant fronts pulling in until Friday.


Overall, lots of cloud across the region today, but reasonably bright here and there and generally dry. Some glimmers of brightness in places.

Odd spits and spots of dampness however for western slopes of the Pennines and across Cumbria as well as Dumfries and Galloway.

Gusty for a while, 40mph gusts over the Pennines and through the Irish Sea, but winds ease during the day.

Temperatures 9-11c 48-52f.


Very cloudy. Misty over the tops, some dampness in the air, odd spots of rain and drizzle. Overall more dampness around than during Sunday.

Pretty much completely dry however through the eastern side of the region.

Frost free everywhere with a westerly breeze, lows 7-8c, 45-46f.


Lots of cloud around on Monday morning, bit misty and damp over the hills first thing. Cloud breaks a touch across the east coast.

The rain and drizzle fizzles out quite quickly. Still damp however through Cumbria and across the western side of the Border region.

Wind-wise, a little lively through the Irish Sea. Elsewhere a bit of a breeze, but nothing especially strong.

Temperatures about where they should be for the time of year 9-10c, 48-50f.



Steady rain for a while.


Breezy with some rain. Cloudy. Frost free.


Some rain, with a more significant front pushing in on Friday.