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Family demands fresh answers to son's death

Andrew Watt died in France in 2010 Photo: Julie and Les Sheppard

The family of a North East man who died in France are travelling from Selkirk to London next week to demand help from the foreign office to find out how he died.

Andrew Watt from Durham was 31 when he was found dead in a country lane close to where he was living in north west France in September 2010.

His mother and step father are angry that information about how he died is being withheld from them and are joining other families in similar situations to protest outside the foreign office on Tuesday.

Julie and Les Sheppard had concerns about what they were - and weren't - being told, from the moment they heard Andrew had died as a result of heart problems.

It took three months to get Andrew's body back to the UK - when it arrived, a coroner discovered his major organs like his heart and brain had been removed.

Andrew Watt's body was returned to the UK after 3 months Credit: Julie and Les Sheppard

Since 2010 the couple have fought to get the French authorities and the British foreign office to listen to them and help them get answers.

Last year, despite making a freedom of information request, the Sheppards were told by foreign officials that some information couldn't be revealed as it may damage relations between Britain and France.

Last October families joined to protest about the lack of support in their situation Credit: Julie and Les Sheppard

Last October the pair joined other families whose relatives had died abroad and protested about the lack of support available in that situation. Every year 6000 British nationals die in foreign countries.

The Sheppards are travelling to London to protest on Tuesday at 11am Credit: ITV News Border

Julie and Les Sheppard will join other angry families at London's foreign Office on Tuesday in a bid to get their voices heard.