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Cumbrian charities benefit from Royal Wedding Fund

The fund was set up to pay for disadvantaged children to go on hoiliday Photo: PA

A council in South Cumbria has decided to close a charitable trust set up to commemorate Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding.

South Lakeland District Council has decided to give the remaining money in The Royal Wedding Fund to three local charities: The Brathay Trust, the Bendrigg Trust and the Leeds Children's Holiday Trust.

The Bendrigg Trust received £20,000 from the Royal Wedding Fund Credit: ITV Border

When Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981, South Lakeland District Council celebrated by setting up the Royal Wedding Fund.

The fund paid for disadvantaged children from around the UK to have a holiday in the Lake District.

It takes a lot of time to manage the fund so councillors have decided to close it and give the remaining money - just over £60,000 - to three charities.

Bendrigg Trust is an outdoor activities charity for people with disabilities Credit: ITV Border

"Running the Bendrigg Trust is a very expensive operation. We work primarily with people with disabilities and it costs twice as much as you would expect a mainstream outdoor centre because there are twice as many staff needing to be involved...this £20,000 is a wonderful boost to our sponsorship fund to enable disadvantaged and disabled young people to enjoy a stay at Bendrigg."

– Trevor Clarke, Principal, Bendrigg Trust
'A wonderful boost' for the Bendrigg Trust Credit: ITV Border

The Brathay Trust received half the money. The charity's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable children and young people.

Brathay Trust received £30,000 from the Royal Wedding Fund Credit: ITV Border

"Brathay Trust costs £4.5million a year to provide opportunities for 6000 young people, both in Cumbria and across the North of England. And £30,000 is actually a huge amount for us to be able to use to provide more opportunities for young people."

– Godfrey Owen, Chief Executive, Brathay Trust
The Brathay Trust work with young people to develop their confidence Credit: ITV Border

"Really we just come down and just all met each other and then got to know each other a little bit and then come out for a little row and everyone's just enjoying it."

– Stuart Smith, on residential at Brathay Trust

"It's working as a team, helping each other get over their fears."

– Jade Muir, on residential at Brathay Trust