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Research suggests young drivers need more support

Chris Hudson says learning to drive is an 'on-going learning process' Photo: ITV Border

New research shows nearly a quarter of young drivers in the north west have admitted to crashing their car after passing their test, and twenty six percent of 18-25 year olds admit to breaking the law during their first few years on the road.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has called for the current driving test to be reviewed, and that it's failing the next generation of drivers.

The IAM proposes the following objectives for younger drivers:

  • Road safety education as part of the school curriculum
  • Online theory and hazard perception tests to be delivered in education establishments
  • Insurance companies not penalising learner drivers gaining experience in the family car
  • A 12 month minimum learning period with a logbook to build experience safely
  • A practical driving test that includes high speed roads
  • Post-test assessment and training for in the early months of solo driving

Thanks to funding from the Scottish Borders council, up to 400 young people will now be able to take their advanced driving test free of charge.