1. ITV Report

EASTER SUNDAY through the Border region

Easter Sunday sunrise: 5.57am - sunset: 8.25pm. Photo: Stephen Smallwood

Easter Sunday should be similar to Saturday, best of any sunshine in the west with unbroken sunshine and blue skies across the Isle of Man in the morning. The further east you go, the more cloud you will see, still good sunny spells though.

Throughout Sunday afternoon, still beautiful through Cumbria and across the Isle of Man - in fact the Isle of Man stays fine right through until the end of the Bank Holiday weekend.

Cloudier further east with thicker cloud pushing in across the south of the region as a system tries to move up from the south. It will stay dry however during daylight hours.

Temperatures best in the west, through Carlisle and Keswick, well above average at 17c 63f... average values for the time of year are nearer 10-11c for the north of England!