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Tour of Britain's great spin off

Cumbria is said to have a cycling boom Photo: ITV Border

Six months since the Tour of Britain came to the region and more people are becoming involved in cycling.

It's one of the fastest growing sports in the country and a recent report by Cumbria County Council says there's been a 51% increase in the number of people getting on their bikes.

One company, 'Rather Be Cycling', from the Lake District is making the most of this. It's won a contract to run a series of adventure cross events in Cumbria and the south of Scotland.

"Well I'd say certainly with the Olympics and also the Tour of Britain I think that's had a massive influence on the number of people that have taken up cycling and are now taking part in events and all sorts, I think it's inspired them to get out and ride."

– Cheryl Frost, Rather Be Cycling
78% of spectators of Tour of Britain race said they were inspired to cycle more regularly. Credit: ITV Border

Gav McDonald is a four times Scottish cycling champion and co-owner of 'Rather Be Cycling'. He says that the boom is 'inspirational'.