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Border Weather - Next Few Days

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As we head into the new working week cloudy skies invade from the northeast, winds become lighter for a time and old weather fronts produce mainly light rain and drizzle.

As the week progresses a combination of fronts sinking south and high pressure building from the north means that temperatures will take a dip and winds will pick up.

Here's your Border forecast for the next few days.....

MONDAY: Temperatures at average or above to start the week


Cloudier skies and outbreaks of rain spreading from The Borders slowly south and west. Misty on eastern high ground with hill fog. Moderate northeast wind making it feel much cooler in the east, especially for coasts. Highs further west in the sun up to 15 °C.


Staying cloudy with some showery outbreaks of rain edging west this evening, these turning light and patchy overnight. Misty in east with fog on higher ground. Lows 8 °C.


A grey start with The Borders staying quite cloudy with mist, drizzle and hill fog. Southwestern areas should gradually brighten with some sunshine breaking through. Highs 14 °C.


Patchy rain on Tuesday, though mainly dry and brightening in the west.

Some light rain possible on Wednesday .

Rain followed by showers during Thursday, introducing clearer but colder conditions and the risk of frost overnight

FRIDAY: By the end of the week temperatures struggle to get to double figures