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Sellafied demolition work creates five football fields of space

The demolition of 100 buildings at Sellafield has left five football fields worth of space for the plant to develop.

The work, which began in 2007, is seen by the company as the "closing a significant chapter in Sellafield’s history."

The cooling towers were some of the first buildings to be demolished and the original fire station was the 100th building to be decommissioned.

The four 88m high cooling towards were among the first to fall Credit: Sellafield Ltd

Over the next century there are over 1,300 facilities at the site which will all need to be decommissioned.

Sellafield say they are prioritising projects where historic buildings are deteriorating and nuclear waste is no longer stored to modern standards.

Decommissioning work is planned for the next 100 years Credit: Sellafield Ltd

“One of the challenges at Sellafield is that we need to build new plants and modern stores in order to safely decommission older ones, but the site is relatively small and space is at a premium.

“Demolition of the 100 buildings has released over 35,000 square metres of real estate – equivalent in size to five football fields – and that is really useful to us as we plan more clean up work.

“We’re using the extra room to help us retrieve, process and re-package historic nuclear waste to make it safe for long term storage and disposal“.

– Steve Slater, Head of Decommissioning

The programme of work may even stretch to 2120.