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Saturday night's forecast and beyond

Blooming lovely weather again on Sunday away from the NW of the region. Photo: Tracey Laing

The weather for the rest of the weekend should play out similarly to Saturday - so Sunday literally is a day of sun! Cloudier however across the NW of the region, Dumfries and Galloway and the Isle of Man, best of the sun the further east and SE you are.


Cloudy through the far NW of the region and the Isle of Man. Elsewhere fine with clear spells, clearer further south and east. Moderate to fresh southerly breeze, breezier than Saturday daytime, temperatures 9-12c so feeling mild.


Cloudier again in the far NW and through the Isle of Man. Mainly dry, but the odd patch of rain through Dumfries and Galloway and maybe across the Isle of Man out of the thickest cloud. Generally fine away from the NW of the region. Breezy start to the day, but the wind eases through Sunday afternoon. Tops in the high teens or low 20's celsius.

Weather outlook for the Border region. Credit: ITV Border


An increasing risk of showers through the west of the region, the odd one quite sharp and heavy. Further east, mostly fine. Warm.


In the east, starting fine then turning showery. Showers become more widespread in the west from the word 'go', a few proving heavy and thundery. Breezier too. Feeling muggy.


Fairly unsettled. Bright with sunny spells and the risk of heavy, thundery showers, temperatures starting to tail off at this time.